George Kittle Dallas shirt sparks new rivalry between 49ers and Cowboys

George Kittle Dallas shirt

San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle has never been shy about his dislike for the Dallas Cowboys. In a 2022 interview, he called the Cowboys the “worst team in NFL history.”

On Sunday night, Kittle took his rivalry with the Cowboys to a new level when he wore a George Kittle Dallas shirt with the words “F**k Dallas” underneath his jersey during the 49ers’ 42-10 win over the Cowboys.

George Kittle Dallas shirt
George Kittle Dallas shirt

Kittle’s shirt was not visible until he took off his jersey after catching a touchdown pass in the second quarter. The image of Kittle celebrating with his shirt on full display quickly went viral.

The George Kittle Dallas shirt sparked a firestorm of reaction on social media. Cowboys fans were outraged, while 49ers fans were delighted.

Kittle, for his part, seemed to be enjoying the attention. He later posted a picture of himself wearing the shirt on Twitter, with the caption “I love it.”

The incident has only served to intensify the rivalry between the 49ers and Cowboys. The two teams have met in the playoffs four times since 2014, with the 49ers winning three of those games.

It remains to be seen whether Kittle’s shirt will have any lasting impact on the rivalry. However, it is clear that it has struck a nerve with Cowboys fans.

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