Nc state basketball Dj burns Beast shades shirt


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Dj burns beast shades shirt

If you’re a fan of NC State basketball  DJ Burns, this shirt is for you. Support your favorite team and DJ as he compliments his game with Beast shades. This shirt is a must have for any fan of NC State basketball. The shirt features a unique design with the letter “D” in the middle of a basketball, representing the great deal on this shirt. You’ve probably heard of these, but you’ve never seen a shirt like this! From the “Burns” to the “Beast,” this shirt is for the true NC state basketball fan in your life!.

This shirt is a must-have for all of your college sports needs! Show your team spirit and loyalty as you cheer on the NC State Wolfpack with this awesome shirt.

Let’s be honest, your shirt is a major nuisance when trying to enjoy the game. It gets in the way and even messes with your audio. Now you can stay focused on the game in style with these NC State Men’s basketball Dj burns Beast shades shirt. It’s a perfect companion for the fan in you that wants to stand out while watching the game.

From the Gameday Shirts collection, this shirt is made of 100% cotton, with a button-down front and a v-neckline. This shirt is available in assorted colors and sizes.

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Nc state basketball Dj burns Beast shades shirt