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Bocchi the rock! kessoku band t-shirt

BOCCHI THE ROCK is a Japanese rock band. They are one of the top-ranked rock bands in Japan. Kessoku means “a revolution” in Japanese and we are! The Kessoku Band is a revolutionary movement that’s here to change the way people interact with music. We believe that music should be accessible to everyone and through our shirt we’re creating more social impact. With a simple tap, you can change the color of the band and show your support for what you love. Share your Kessokus with friends and you’ll make a difference in someone’s life.

Sleek, stylish, and modern. The Kessoku Band Shirt is a staple for any stylish individual. It is the high-quality standard you can trust for all future shirts or other clothing purchases. Made with an ultra-fine, breathable fabric that stretches to fit every physique, it is a piece that can be worn on many occasions and any time of year.

Sleek Smooth Kessoku Band Logo Essential

The ultimate kessoku band t-shirt

The Ultimate T-Shirt is a high quality, 100% cotton shirt featuring your favorite band’s logo with an ‘Ultimate’ twist on the back. The Ultimate T-Shirt is perfect for wearing to concerts, out with friends, or lounging around the house. You’ll never be alone again with the Ultimate Kessoku Band t-shirt. This shirt is perfect for going to festivals, concerts, or just looking cool in your room

Sleek Smooth Kessoku Band Logo Essential