Vikings wear Vikings Kirk Cousins Dreamathon Shirt before Falcons game in honor of injured quarterback

Vikings Kirk Cousins Dreamathon Shirt1

Vikings Kirk Cousins Shirt: Fan Support for a Greater Cause

On November 12, 2023, the Minnesota Vikings defeated the Atlanta Falcons by a score of 24-20. In that game, quarterback Kirk Cousins suffered an injury and had to leave the field in the second quarter. Despite being unable to continue playing, Cousins still received enthusiastic support from fans.

After Cousins’ injury, Vikings fans began wearing t-shirts with his image and the word “Dreamathon.” Dreamathon is a non-profit organization founded by Cousins to support children with cancer.

Vikings Kirk Cousins Dreamathon Shirt1
Vikings Kirk Cousins Dreamathon Shirt

Cousins’ Dreamathon t-shirts will be donated to Dreamathon.

The fan support for Cousins and Dreamathon is very encouraging. This shows that Vikings fans are not only supportive of their team, but also care about larger causes.

Detailed description of the Vikings Kirk Cousins Shirt:

  • The Vikings Kirk Cousins Dreamathon Shirt is purple, white, and gold, the colors of the team. The shirt is made of 100% cotton, is comfortable to wear, and is durable. The shirt features an image of Cousins throwing a football and the word “Dreamathon”.
  • The Vikings Kirk Cousins Shirt is a great way to show your support for Cousins and Dreamathon. The shirt is also a great fashion statement.

The fact that Vikings fans are supporting Cousins’ Dreamathon shirt shows that they are very passionate about the organization and Cousins’ efforts to help children with cancer. This support will help Dreamathon continue to fulfill its mission and bring joy to children with cancer.

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